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What we do

Providing tours by boat to James Bay where you can touch the edge of the Arctic Ocean, see an amazing bird sanctuary.

See our selection of the finest in wild fur in Canada. All fur is soft tan ready for sewing or hanging on your wall.

Creegonquin is an indigenous community-first security solutions and K9 service based in Moosonee, Ontario.

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The experts in
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We are an indigenous company located on James Bay coast in northern Ontario
supplying high-quality wild tanned fur. Our enterprise also operates a tour division specializing in showcasing local Indigenous culture and history. Our offerings include guided boat tours to James Bay, affording guests the opportunity to interact with the Arctic Ocean’s periphery and witness the remarkable avian sanctuary. During winter months, we conduct snowmobile excursions along a traditional trapline, providing participants with an immersive experience into the lifestyle of Indigenous trappers.

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